Inspect annotation

The inspect annotation can be used to request the baremetal operator to (re-)inspect an Available BareMetalHost. This is useful in case there were hardware changes for example. Note that it is only possible to do this when BareMetalHost is in Available state. If an inspection request is made while BareMetalHost is any other state than Available, the request will be ignored.

To request a new inspection, simply annotating the host with is enough. Once inspection is requested, you should see the BMH in inspecting state until inspection is completed, and by the end of inspection the annotation will be removed automatically.

Here is an example:

kind: BareMetalHost
  name: example
    # The inspect annotation with no value ""
  online: true
  bootMACAddress: 00:8a:b6:8e:ac:b8
  bootMode: legacy
    address: ipmi://
    credentialsName: example-bmc-secret

Why is this needed?

  • For re-inspecting BareMetalHosts after hardware changes.


  • It is only possible to inspect a BareMetalHost when it is in Available state.

Note: For other use cases, like disabling inspection or providing externally gathered inspection data, see external inspection.