Automated Cleaning

One of the Ironic’s feature exposed to Metal3 Baremetal Operator is node automated cleaning. When enabled, automated cleaning kicks off when a node is provisioned first time and on every deprovisioning.

There are two automated cleaning modes available which can be configured via automatedCleaningMode field of a BareMetalHost spec:

  • metadata (the default) enables the removal of partitioning tables from all disks
  • disabled disables the cleaning process

For example:

kind: BareMetalHost
  name: example-host
  automatedCleaningMode: metadata
  bootMACAddress: 00:8a:b6:8e:ac:b8
    address: ipmi://
    credentialsName: example-node-bmc-secret
  online: true

Note: Ironic supports full data removal, which is not currently exposed in Metal3.

For a host with cleaning disabled, no cleaning will be performed during deprovisioning. This is faster but may cause conflicts on subsequent provisionings (e.g. Ceph is known not to tolerate stale data partitions).

If you are using Cluster-api-provider-metal3, please see its cleaning documentation.