Install Cluster-api-provider-metal3

You can either use clusterctl (recommended) to install Metal³ infrastructure provider or kustomize for manual installation. Both methods install provider CRDs, its controllers and Ip-address-manager. Please keep in mind that Baremetal Operator and Ironic are decoupled from CAPM3 and will not be installed when the provider is initialized. As such, you need to install them yourself.


  1. Install clusterctl, refer to Cluster API book for installation instructions.

  2. Install kustomize, refer to official instructions here.

  3. Install Ironic, refer to this page.

  4. Install Baremetal Operator, refer to this page.

  5. Install Cluster API core compoenents i.e., core, bootstrap and control-plane providers. This will also install cert-manager, if it is not already installed.

     clusterctl init --core cluster-api:v1.7.2 --bootstrap kubeadm:v1.7.2 \
     --control-plane kubeadm:v1.7.2 -v5

With clusterctl

This method is recommended. You can specify the CAPM3 version you want to install by appending a version tag, e.g. :v1.7.0. If the version is not specified, the latest version available will be installed.

clusterctl init --infrastructure metal3:v1.7.0

With kustomize

To install a specific version, checkout the to the tag with the desired version

git clone
cd cluster-api-provider-metal3
git checkout v1.1.2 -b v1.1.2

Then, edit the controller-manager image version in config/default/capm3/manager_image_patch.yaml

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: controller-manager
  namespace: system
      # Change the value of image/tag to your desired image URL or version tag
      - image:
        name: manager

Apply the manifests

cd cluster-api-provider-metal3
kustomize build config/default | kubectl apply -f -