Ironic Container Images

The currently available ironic container images are:

Name and link to repositoryPublished imageContent/Purpose services / BMC emulators and cache the ironic python agent ramdisk command-line interface (for debugging)

The main ironic-image currently contains entry points to run both Ironic itself and its auxiliary services: dnsmasq and httpd.

How to build a container image

Each repository mentioned in the list contains a Dockerfile that can be used to build the corresponding container, for example:

git clone
cd ironic-image
docker build . -f Dockerfile

In some cases a make sub-command is provided to build the image using docker, usually make docker.

Customizing source builds

When building the ironic image, it is also possible to specify a different source for ironic, ironic-lib or the sushy library using the build arguments IRONIC_SOURCE, IRONIC_LIB_SOURCE and SUSHY_SOURCE. It is also possible to apply local patches to the source. See ironic-image README for details.

Special resources: sushy-tools and virtualbmc

The Dockerfiles needed to build sushy-tools (Redfish emulator) and VirtualBMC (IPMI emulator) containers can be found in the ironic-image container repository, under the resources directory.